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Ru’ah Hayyim, R. Benjamin David Rabbinowitz, Warsaw 1854

רוח חיים - Only Edition

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  • Lot Number 51825
  • Title (English) Ru’ah Hayyim
  • Title (Hebrew) רוח חיים
  • Note Only Edition
  • Author R. Benjamin David Rabbinowitz
  • City Warsaw
  • Publisher Zevi Jacob Bomberg
  • Publication Date 1854
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Physical Description:

Only edition. 11 ff., quarto, 205:165 mm., wide margins, blue tint paper, light age staining. A very good copy not bound.


Detailed Description:   

Eulogy for R. Hayyim Davidsohn ben David Tebele (d. March 17, l854) by R. Benjamin David Rabinowicz. The title page gives the location as Khal Jeshurun. The title page is dated, “kills, and [He] returns to life” (cf. I Samuel 2:6). R. Davidsohn was rabbi in Warsaw for fifteen years. The verso of the title page has the censor’s (J. Tugendhold) approval to print. The text begins with a quote from tractate Shabbat 105b, that R. Shimon says that anyone who stands by a person when his soul leaves him is required to do kria. What is this comparable to, to a Sefer Torah that was burned. There is a listing of three pertinent principle categories concerning a Sefer Torah which are compared to the subject individual, that is, R. Davidsohn. On 7a-8b is a discussion of Kriat Shema of shaharit and praying Minhah, based on R. Davidsohn’s careful observance of these mizvot and, from 8b 11b Kanfe Yonah, an addenda by R. Isaac, brother of the author.


Hebrew Description:

הספד על ... ר' חיים דודזאהן זצ"ל, הרב דפה ... ווארשא ... מאתי בנימין דוד (בהמורי"צ ) ראבינאוויטש מ"מ דפה ... שנת ה'' ה'ו'א' מ'מ'י'ת' ו'ה'ו'א' ה'מ'ח'י'ה'

דף ז - ח: אמר המחבר ... אציגה ... שני גרגרי הלכות ממצות ... ק"ש [קריאת שמע] של שחרית, ותפלת מנחה. 

דף ח, ב - יא: כנפי רוח. אמר ... יצחק, אחרי רואי ספר זה ... מעשי ידי ... אחי הגדול ... מוהרב"ד ... אציגה ... הערותאחדות ...



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000166086; Vin Warsaw 542