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To’ar Penei Shelomo, R. Solomon Zalman ben Joseph Landsberg, Krotoschin 1870

תואר פני שלמה - Only Edition

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  • Lot Number 51876
  • Title (English) To’ar Penei Shelomo
  • Title (Hebrew) תואר פני שלמה
  • Note Binding
  • Author R. Solomon Zalman ben Joseph Landsberg (Posner)
  • City Krotoschin
  • Publisher B. L. Monasch
  • Publication Date 1870
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Physical Description:

Only edition, octavo, 77, [1] pp. 215:135 mm.., wide margins, light age staining. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.


Detailed Description:   

Only edition of this biography of R. Solomon Zalman ben Joseph Landsberg with examples of his torah brought to press by his son R. Moses Landsberg. The title-page describes To’ar Penei Shelomo as small pearls from the treasures of Solomon that were left behind by the rav, well known for his Torah, righteousness, and generosity, known in greater Poland as Solomon Posner. His To'ar Penei Shelomo (1870) is a valuable and unique book describing his own life and the lives of his forebears as far back as the 17 century, and contains many interesting details of the civilization of the period. This book also includes educational directives to his children. His testament is appended to it. It has been claimed that this book is not his own, but that of his son, Moses, who was also rabbi of Poznan and that Solomon gave his name to it.

R. Solomon Zalman ben Joseph Landsberg (Posner, 1778–1863) was a rabbi and author. He studied under his father, the rabbi of Poznan (Posen), and under R. Akiva Eger, R. Solomon Zalman of Warsaw, and his own uncle, R. Zeeb Wolf Kalafri. He occupied himself mainly with commerce in the city of Lubraniec and amassed great wealth, but nevertheless found time for extensive study. He wrote many works, some of which have remained in manuscript. Among his unpublished workers are Zemir Ariẓim, against those who regarded the study of Talmud as unnecessary; Gal-Ed, 33 (the numerical equivalent of "Gal") letters on educational topics addressed to his children when they left home to study in yeshivot; Tal Yaldut, a letter to his young children; Nir Rash, on the Torah, containing in particular explanations of obscure allusions in Rashi's commentary; and Dodo Yigalenu, on the Book of Esther. Of his other sons, Aryeh Leib became rabbi of Pniewy, and Elijah, rabbi of Wodzislaw.


Hebrew Description

(תולדותי וקורותי... הלכות ואגדות, מוסר... והנהגות)... אשר הניח אחריו... מוה’ שלמה בהרב מוה’ יוסף לאנדסבערג מפאזען, הנודע בפולין גדול בשם ר’ זלמן פאזנער מלובראנץ... הוצאנו לאור ... אנחנו בניו תלמידיו (ערכתי את... המחברת הזאת ... משה... לאנדסבערג... ק"ק פוזנא... [בתוספת הערות ממני ומאת] אחי הרבנים... כמו"ה ארי’ ליבוש ני’ האבד"ק ניקאלאי... מו"ה אלי’ ני’ האבד"ק לאסלויא)...

עמ’ 62-64: (קונטרס הצואה) אשר כתבתי... בנוגע לעצמי. עמ’ 64-65: מהצואה של... אא"ז... מוה’ יוסף. עמ’ 68-70: קצת דברי ההספד אשר דרש (הרב כמוה’ משה ... לאנדסבערג)... על... אאמ"ו... מו"ה שלמה זלמן. עמ’ 71: הערה הנוספה מאת... כמו"ה ארי’ ליבוש [לאנדסבערג] ני’ האבד"ק ניקאלאי. עמ’ 73-77: שני מכתבים, מאת ר’ משה לאנדסבערג לאחיו מו"ה אלי’ ני’ האבד"ק לאסלויא.




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