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Tal Orot, R. Judah Leib ben Asher Zelig Margoliot, Presburg 1843

טל אורות

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  • Title (English) Tal Orot
  • Title (Hebrew) טל אורות
  • Author R. Judah Leib ben Asher Zelig Margoliot
  • City Presburg
  • Publisher דפוס אנטאן שמיד
  • Publication Date 1843
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Physical Description

Quarto, [3], 48, [1], 57-72 ff. 224:185 mm. wide margins, usual age staining. A very good copy bound in modern cloth over boards.


Detail Description

Treatises on the essence of the soul, on immortality by R. Judah Leib ben Asher Zelig Margoliot. There is an approbation from R. Joseph ben Bunim Ginu, follow4ed by the statement that references to terms such as nocri or akum to not refer to contemporary no-Jews, a statement as to the many virtues of this book by the printers of the preceding edition, then the introduction that enumerates the purposes ad qualities of Tal Orot, and then the text. At the end are several indexes, giving the sources and composition of the sefer. Tal Orot. Among the numerous subject matter addressed is that HaShem wished to merit Israel;  a person should always take the middle way; a person should go to ta place where he is not known; concerning the depth of Gehenim; and the eighth of the eight. An intellectually rich and deep work.


R. Judah Leib ben Asher Zelig Margoliot (1747–1811) was a rabbi and preacher. R. Margolioth, who was born in Zborov, Galicia, served as rabbi in in at Busnow, Szebrszyn, Polotsk, Lesla, and and from 1805 in Frankfurt on the Oder. He was familiar with medieval and contemporary Hebrew scientific literature as well as with contemporary Haskalah literature. In his books of sermons, he emphasized social justice and criticized the rich. He opposed Ḥasidism but also objected to the study of philosophy which he regarded as undermining faith. Thus he criticized Mendelssohn for advocating freedom of ideas in Judaism in his book, Jerusalem, but advocated the study of Hebrew grammar, the sciences, and mathematics. He was probably the first Judæo-Polish author to write on natural philosophy. Among his other books are Or Olam al Ḥokhmat ha-Teva ("Light of the World – On Science," Frankfurt on the Oder, 1777). The main point of the book is the classification of the "wisdoms" into science, mathematics, physics, and metaphysics; and the art of leading men: politics, economics, and ethics. The book was well received and was enthusiastically praised by Russian and Polish rabbis. His other works include interpretations of the Torah, responsa, sermons, and linguistic studies.


Hebrew Description

ספר טל אורות : מיוסד על דרושים ומליצות... וממגד מוסרי הפלסופים... דלוי ממצולות חכמי עמינו... לתקן את הדרכים. ולהורות את הנבוכים ולהנחותם בדרך (קצת מזה החבור כבר הדפיס הרב המחבר במדינת רוסיא זה כמה שנים [בשם בית מדות, שקלאוו תקמ"ו, עיין למעלה], ועתה הוסיף... דברים רבים וקרא לו שם חדש)... חברו... מוהרי"ל מרגליות... ולפנים הי’ לרב אב"ד בכמה קהלות במדינת פולין. ובק"ק פלאצק. ובק"ק לעסלא. ומשם נתקבל לרב אב"ד פק"ק פפד"א [פראנקפורט דאדר]. גם נמצא בחבור הזה כמה חידושים מבן המחבר... מוה’ אשר זעליג מרגליות הרב אב"ד בק"ק פרוזנא... : ... נתעוררתי להדפיסו... יוסף בלאאמ"ו... מו"ה בונם גינס זצלה"ה מתושבי... פרעסבורג...




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