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Hinnukh Beit Yehudah, R. Judah Leib b. Enoch Zundel, Frankfurt am Main 1709

חינוך בית יהודא - Only Edition - The Copy of Hasidic Admor

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  • Lot Number 53198
  • Title (English) Hinnukh Beit Yehudah
  • Title (Hebrew) חינוך בית יהודא
  • Note Only Edition - Copy of Admor
  • Author R. Judah Leib ben Enoch Zundel
  • City Frankfurt am Main
  • Publisher דפוס יוהניס קעלנר
  • Publication Date 1708
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  • Estimated Price - High 1,000

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Physical Description

Only edition. [1], 75 ff. octavo 196:155 mm., nice margins, light age staining, title & f. 1 margins extended to size, stamp on fly. A very good copy bound in modern full leather over boards, rubbed.

The copy of R. Israel Moshe b, Jehiel Meir Lipshitz (d. 1918), Admor of Justanin. He was a disciple of the Admor ot Kotsk and subsequently the Hidushei haRim of Gur. He replaced his father after his passing as Admor in 1888 and relocated to Prushkov where he served as Admor until his passing. (Alfasi, Hasidut, Part II)


Detail Description

Only edition of these responsa on all four sections of the Shulhan Arukh by R. Judah Leib ben Enoch Zundel. The title page, dated with the verse “a threefold cord is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12) states in a medium size font that it was printed in Frankfort with letters, in a larger font, Amsterdam, reflecting the prestige of Amsterdam type and books. Hinnukh Beit Yehudah was brought to press by R. Judah Leib’s son R. Hanokh Enoch, av bet din of Schnaittach. There are approbations from R. Naphtali ha-Kohen, R. Samuel Kohen Satin, R. David Oppenheim, and R. Issachar Berman, introductions, and the text, in a single column in rabbinic letters. Hinnukh Beit Yehudah is comprised of one hundred forty-five responsa, including several by the author’s. At the end is an index of the responsa.

R. Judah Leib Ben Enoch Zundel (1645–1705) was a German rabbi. His father was rabbi of Gnesen (Gniezno), Poznania. As a result of the Chmielnicki persecutions (1648) he fled to Germany and became rabbi of the district of Swabia, settling in Oettingen. R. Judah Leib succeeded him in 1675 but took up his residence in the town of Pfersee, where he remained until his death. In addition to Hinnukh Beit Yehudah R. Judah Leib was also the author of Reshit Bikkurim (Frankfort, 1708), sermons by both R. Judah Leib and his father, and also published by R. Hanokh Enoch. It contains homilies for festivals and Sabbaths based upon Joseph Albo's three principles of faith – the existence of God, revelation, and reward and punishment. According to R. Hanokh Enoch, this work consists of excerpts from a commentary on the whole Bible which Judah Leib had intended publishing.


Hebrew Description

  ... על סדר ארבע טורים ... הלכה למעשה... והרוב הם משו"ת... ר’ יהודא ליב זצ"ל שהי’ אב"ד בק"ק פפערשי... וגם מאביו... ר’ חנוך דרשן זצ"ל... ומזקינו... ר’ יהודא ליב זצ"ל א"ש שהי’ אב"ד ור"מ בק"ק לאדמר, נקרא ר’ ליב ר’ העניכש... וגם... קצת שו"ת משאר גאונים... נתחבר ונתלקט ונדפס ע"י בנו... ר’ חנוך הענוך [ב"ר יהודה ליב] נר"ו אשר ישב על כסא הוראה בק"ק שנייטך... ועם הנופך שהוסיף מדליה...



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