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Bet Levi, R. Jacob ha-Levi Kopstein, Vilna 1881

בית לוי - Only Edition

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  • Lot Number 53992
  • Title (English) Bet Levi
  • Title (Hebrew) בית לוי
  • Note Only Edition
  • Author R. Jacob ha-Levi Kopstein
  • City Vilna
  • Publisher Judah Leib Metz
  • Publication Date 1881
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  • Estimated Price - High 500

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Physical Description

Only edition. 56 pp. folio, 290:180 mm., age and damp staining, stamps, nice margins. A good copy loose in contemporary boards, split.


Detail Description

Only edition of these halakhic novellae on the Rambam and Shulhan Arukh Even ha-Ezer by R. Jacob ben Mordecai Sander ha-Levi Kopstein. Described on the title page as the first part, this is the only section of the work to have been printed. The title page states that Bet Levi is the above mentioned novellae with which the Lord graced Jacob. R. Kopstein provides his lineage, noting that he is related to Levi Epstein dayyan in Lida, and his grandmother was the daughter of R. Israel of Slutzk, son of the gaon R. Joel, and her mother was the daughter of the great rav, R. Shabbetai ben Naphtali Zevi av bet din of Storbin. It continues in this vein, reaching back five generations to the Rema and on his mother’s side to the Tesfot Yom Tov and to the Bet Hillel. He is also descended from R. Elemelekh, av bet din of Lida and Zevi Hirsch, av bet din of Mir. Also noted are his brother-in-law’s family. The title page is dated with a chrongram from the verse “Bless the Lord, O house of Levi” (Psalms 135:20). Bet Levi is mislabeled by the JNUL bibliographic project as Bet ha-Levi although the title page clearly states that it is Bet Levi. There are approbations from R. Mordecai ben Asher Klotzki, R. Joseph ben Raphael Sakovitz, and R. Solomon ben Israel Moses ha-Kohen. There is an introduction from R. Kopstein and a longer preface, followed by the text in two columns in rabbinic letters. First is the novellae on the Rambam, then, on pp. 31-3 novellae on Bava Mezia that R. Kopstein found in a manuscript by R. Elemelekh, av bet din of Lida, and then the novellae on Even ha-Ezer, resolving numerous difficulties left by the gaon the Avenei Meluim.


Hebrew Description

ספר בית לוי : כולל חדושים ברמב"ם ובשו"ע אבן העזר / יעקב בלא"א ... מרדכי סענדר הלוי קאפשטיין ...

עמ’ []31-33[]: שני ענינים [חידושים בבבא מציעא]... שמצאתי תוך כתבי קודש של אא"ז [אדוני אבי זקני]... מו"ה אלימלך (בהרב... צבי הירש) זצ"ל אב"ד דק"ק לידא.



BE bet 744; Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000163097