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Mah-ha-Zion?; Ma’amar Devorim Cocvim; Ma’amar, 1902

מה-הציון?: מאמר דברים ככתבם: מאמרי להקיץ נדרים - First Editions - Zionism

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  • Lot Number 54077
  • Title (English) Mah-ha-Zion?; Ma’amar Devorim Cocvim; Ma’amar le -Hakitz Nedarmim
  • Title (Hebrew) מה-הציון?: מאמר דברים ככתבם: מאמרי להקיץ נדרים
  • Note First Editions - Zionism
  • Author Haverim Magen-Magen: Ish me-Beis Levi;
  • City Odessa; Berlin
  • Publisher Various
  • Publication Date 1902
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  • Estimated Price - High 500

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Physical Description

First editions, octavo, 52; 14, [1]; [1], [1], 11, [1]. 197:135 mm., light age toning, nice margins, Good copies bound in a modern paper wrapper.


Detail Description

Three individual rare Zionist pamphlets each represent an individual and appealing pro-Zionist position. The first, Mah-ha-Zion? Is a compilation of twenty-nine arguments in support of their position plus an addenda with supportive Talmudic positions. The title-page has brief text, consisting of two verses “I had taken you for divine beings, sons of the Most High, all of you” (Psalms 82:6) and “This is not the road, and that is not the town” (II Kings 6:19). There is a brief introduction relating to the unity of the Jewish people and including the statement you are called Zionism -but with all this we are brothers. The volume concludes with two addenda, the first a completion to the Sefer Shalmdei Emunei Yisrael from R. Belensohn and the second Beshveil ha-Balsheiniim ha-Zionim.


The second shorter work is Ma’amar Devorim Cocvim, the author given as Ish me-Beis Levi. The Bet Eked Sefarim identifies the author as R. Jacob Lipshitz. The identity of this Jacob Lipshitz is not clear, but it possibly might be, in the absence of other contemporary writers by that name, Jacob Lipshitz ha-Levi the (1838–1921) the Hebrew writer and opponent of the Haskalah, the secretary, assistant, and representative on public affairs for R. Isaac Elhanan Spektor. In support of this supposition is that this work was, as stated on the title-page and noted at the end of the article, was published previously in Ha-Peles, a  journal to which Lipshitz was a regular contributor.


The third work in this collection is Ma’amar le-Hakitz Nedarmim which is attributed on the title-page to the rabbanim, geonim, zaddikim and Hasidim shlita. It was also printed previously in Ha-Peles. It is in opposition to the more acculturated Beit Agudat Machzikei Hadas.


Three religious thought-provoking Zionist works not otherwise available.


Hebrew Description

מה-הציון? אנכי שלמי אמוני ישראל. : קובץ מאמרים לספרות לשוננו הקדושה, [מאת] מ"א בעלינסאן ... 

 מאמר דברים ככתבם : על אדות הציונות ושאיפותיה שנדפס ב"הפלס" שנה ב חוברת ג, מאת איש מבית לוי.

 מאמרי להקיץ נרדמים : מאת מרנן ורבנן... שליט"א. נדפסו ב"הפלס" שנה ראשונה ושניה ל"מחזיקי הדת", ועתה... נדפסו לבדנה בקונטרס מיוחד ע"י בית מערכת "הפלס"...



BE mem 828, daled 609, lamed 164EJ; Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #00112863; 00109832; 000142720