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Leshem Shevo ve-Ahlamah, R. Solomon Eliashov, Piotrkow 1911

לשם שבו ואחלמה - First Edition - Kabbalah

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  • Lot Number 54086
  • Title (English) Leshem Shevo ve-Ahlamah
  • Title (Hebrew) לשם שבו ואחלמה
  • Note First Edition - Kabbalah
  • Author R. Solomon Eliashov
  • City Piotrkow
  • Publisher Mordecai Zidderbaum
  • Publication Date 1911
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  • Estimated Price - High 600

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Physical Description

First edition, Part II, volumes 1& 2,  folio, 330:230 mm., wide margins, usual age toning. A good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.


Detail Description

R. Solomon b. Hayyim Eliashov (1841–1926), was born in Zagara, Lithuania, studied in the yeshivah in Telz, but spent most of his life as a private citizen in Shavli in Samogitia, Lithuania and never took a rabbinic position. In 1915 he was expelled with the rest of his community to Russia and in 1922 (or 1924) he settled in Jerusalem. R. Eliashov was considered one of the greatest kabbalists in Russia at the end of the 19th century. His method was influenced by the tradition of R. Elijah b. Solomon, the Gaon of Vilna, and his disciples and he generally opposed those who interpreted Kabbalah in an idealistic manner, particularly the kabbalistic commentaries of R. Moses Hayyim Luzzatto and the Habad Hasidim. All his works on Kabbalah, which he rewrote in several versions, were compiled at the end of the 19th century under the general title Sefer Leshem Shevo ve-Ahlamah (Ex. 28:19). They include the following published works: Sefer Hakdamot u-She'arim (Piotrkow, 1908); Sefer ha-De'ah (an abbreviation for Derushei Olam ha-Tohu) in two volumes (Piotrkow, 1911); Sefer ha-Kelalim, on the principles of egressus and digressus in the process of emanation, two volumes (Jerusalem, 1924–26, but actually completed only in 1930); Sefer Helkei ha-Be'urim, a commentary on R. Hayyim Vital's Ez Hayyim in two volumes (Jerusalem, 1935–49). His glosses and additions to Ez Hayyim were also published in the Warsaw 1890 edition of that work. The works of R. Eliashov contain a highly detailed systematic description of the Lurianic Kabbalah concerning the doctrine of azilut (“emanation”). It was said that Eliashov accomplished for the works of R. Isaac Luria what R. Moses Cordovero had done for the Zohar.


Hebrew Description

 ספר ... לשם שבו ואחלמה : ... [מאת] שלמה בן ... מו"ר חיים חייקיל (עליאשאוו)... [כרך א-ד].

[כרך ב], (חלק א): יכלכל בתוכו חלקי הדרושים וחלקי הביאורים. וכאן הוא חלק אחד מהדרושים הנקרא בשם ספר הדע"ה הוא דרושי עולם התוהו ... פיעטרקוב, דפוס מרדכי צעדערבוים, תרע"ב, 1911. [4], 176 עמ’.

[כרך ב], חלק ב: יכלכל בתוכו חלקי הדרושים ... פיעטרקוב, דפוס מרדכי צעדערבוים, תרע"ב, 1911. 330 עמ’.



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000120684; EJ; A. Levin, Toledot ha-Ga'on ha-Kadosh, Mehabber Sifrei Leshem Shevo ve-Ahlamah (1935).