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Keli Hemdah Parts 4 & 5, R. Meir Dan Plotzki, Piotrkow 1913; 1922

כלי חמדה חלק ד-ה - First Edition

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  • Lot Number 54193
  • Title (English) Keli Hemdah Parts 4 & 5
  • Title (Hebrew) כלי חמדה חלק ד-ה
  • Note First Edition
  • Author R. Meir Dan Plotzki
  • City Piotrkow
  • Publisher Henoh Feldman
  • Publication Date 1913; 1922
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  • Estimated Price - High 600

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Physical Description:

First editions, quarto, 258:190 mm., usual age staining, wide margins. Very good copes bound in the contemporary boards, rubbed


Detailed Description:   

Classic scholarly commentary to the Pentateuch by R. Meir Dan Plotzki of Ostrova (1867–1928). He studied under R. Israel Joshua of Kutno, R. Hayyim Eleazar Wax of Piotrkow, and R. Abraham of Sochaczew. In 1891, he was elected rabbi of Warta. The publication of the first part of his Hemdat Yisrael partly on Maimonides’ Sefer ha-Mitzvot in 1903 made him famous throughout Poland, and in 1908 he was appointed rabbi of the large town of Ostrow. In 1926 he resigned from the rabbinate and was appointed rosh yeshivah of the Metivta of Gur in Warsaw. Plotzki visited Erez Israel and instituted many improvements in the administration of the Polish kolel. One of the leaders of Agudat Israel, he spent a year as its emissary in Belgium, England, and the United States. He was chairman of the executive committee of the Agudat ha-Rabbanim in Poland. he also wrote Keli Hemdah, a commentary on the Pentateuch, in six parts (1906–38); and Nizozei Or, novellae on the Or ha-Hayyim by R. Hayyim ben Attar. Sha’alu Shelom Yerushalayim (Bilgoraj 1910), expose of the purported Jerusalem Talmud, here on Hullin and Bekhorot, published by Solomon Judah Friedlaender. Sha’alu Shelom Yerushalayim is an important refutation of Friedlaender’s claims, initially accepted by many leading authorities, of having found a manuscript of the Jerusalem Talmud on Seder Kodashim. Many of his other works have remained in manuscript.


Hebrew Description:

ספר כלי חמדה : על התורה. כולל חידושים ופלפולים על סדר הפרשיות... ולפעמים יתבארו בו מאמרי חכז"ל דרך דרוש... חברתי... מאיר דן ברח"י נ"י פלאצקי מילידי קוטנא אבד"ק דוואהרט... [חלק א-ו].

חלק ד: ס’ במדבר, ובסוף הס’ נדפס קונטרס מיד ולדורות, על כ"מ [כל מקום] שנאמר בתורה חוקת עולם לדורותיכם. דפוס העניך פאלמאן, שנת ת’ע’ר’"ג’ [תרע"ג], 1912. 8, 328 עמ’.

עמ’ 299-324: קונטרס מיד ולדורות.

חלק ה: ספר דברים. (המאטריצען נעשו) אצל העניך פאלמאן, תרפ"ב. [2], ד, 4, 131, ס-שנט, 6, 13 עמ’. ספירת עמודים משובשת.

6 עמ’: קונטרס אחרון, הערות וחידושים מאת ר’ ישראל נתן, בן המחבר.



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000158427