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Ir David, R. David Lida, Amsterdam 1719

עיר דוד - First Edition - Kabbalah

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  • Lot Number 54235
  • Title (English) Ir David
  • Title (Hebrew) עיר דוד
  • Note First Complete Edition - Kabbalah
  • Author R. David Lida
  • City Amsterdam
  • Publisher Solomon Proophs
  • Publication Date 1719
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  • Estimated Price - High 600

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Physical Description

First complete edition. [1], 3-107 ff., folio, 358:225 mm., extra wide margins, damp stained, ff. 34-35 with smaller margins, bound in contemporary boards, rubbed, spine taped.


Detail Description

Homiletic discourses on Bible and Talmud with Kabalistic interpretations. The first edition (Amsterdam 1683) contains only a third of the work.

R. David b. Aryeh Leib of Lida (c. 1650–1696), rabbi and author; nephew of R. Moses b. Zevi Naphtali Rivkes. He studied under R. Joshua Hoeschel b. Jacob of Cracow, and in 1671 was called to the rabbinate in Lida. Subsequently he officiated as rabbi of Ostrog, Mainz (1677), and of the Ashkenazi community of Amsterdam (1681). There he was accused of Shabbatean leanings as well as of literary plagiarism in connection with his Migdal David, a commentary on the Book of Ruth (1680) which some ascribed to R. Hayyim b. Abraham ha-Kohen. After being dismissed from his position, R. David returned to Poland, where he presented his case to the Council of the Four Lands and aired it in a pamphlet entitled Be'er Esek ("Well of Contention," 1684). The Polish rabbinate vindicated him and demanded his reinstatement. On his return to Amsterdam, however, his case was raised again, this time by the Sephardi rabbis, who subsequently likewise vindicated him. He returned to Poland shortly thereafter and died in Lvov. He was the author of numerous homiletic and kabbalistic works, including Sod A-donai (1680), on circumcision; Shomer Shabbat (1687), on the Shabbat and Ir Miklat (1690), on the 613 commandments. A collection of 14 of his compositions was published under the title Yad Kol Bo in 1727. Another work on the Shulhan Arukh Orah Hayyim remains in manuscript. It is now clear that his first work, an ethical treatise, Divrei David (1671), was drawn from other sources, while the Asarah Hillulim, a commentary on Psalms (included in Yad Kol Bo), was incorrectly attributed to R. David by the publishers, having been taken from the commentary on Psalms by the Christian scholar, H. J. Bashuysen. Much of the controversy which centered around R. David stemmed from his militancy and aggressiveness. Among his severest critics was R. Jacob Emden.


Hebrew Description:

... שנים עשר בתים מלאים ... דרושים לכל חפציהם ... חברם ודרשם ... ר' דוד לידא זצ"ל בהמנוח ... ר' ארי' ליב זצ"ל, שהי' מרביץ תורה בכמה קהילות ... במדינות פולין ... ליטא. ובמדינות אשכנז בק"ק מגענצא ... וסוף ימיו הי' אב"ד ור"מ בק"ק  אמשטרדם ... הביאו לבית הדפוס ... בן המחבר ... ואף הוא חובר חבר והוסיף עוד מדילי' ... ה"ה ... ר' פתחי' נר"ו אב"ד ור"מ בשתי קהילות ק"ק וואלדווי וק"ק סלאווטיש ... ולפנים הי' אב"ד ור"מ בק"ק יאס ... ובק"ק לקאטש ... וע"י בנו ... נכד ... המחבר ... ר' דוד שי' ...

דף ד: הקדמות מאת בן המחבר ר' פתחיה ומאת בנו ר' דוד. ר' פתחיה מספר גם על "הקורות... בק"ק לבוב" עיר מולדתו "ביום אשר גבר האויב ותבקע העיר", במלחמת תורכיה-פולין שלאחריה נחתם בשנת 1672 שלום בוטשאטש.  דף צח-קז: "בית החכמה ... מפתח סוגר וכולל" אל הדרושים העוסקים בפסוקי התורה. מסודר לפי סדר הפרשיות.  הוספות ר' פתחיה הוכנסו בפנים הספר על-ידי המחבר עצמו. המחבר כותב על כך בהקדמתו להוצאה זו, שהועתקה בשינויים ובתוספות מן ההוצאה הראשונה.



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