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Iḳḳere Dinim; Sidre Tohorah, Vilna 1879

עקרי דינים; סדרי טהרה

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  • Lot Number 54438
  • Title (English) Iḳḳere Dinim: Sidre Tohorah
  • Title (Hebrew) עקרי דינים; סדרי טהרה
  • Author R. Daniel ben Moses David Terni: R. Elhanon ben Samuel Zanvil Ashkenazi
  • City Vilna
  • Publisher דפוס האלמנה והאחים ראם
  • Publication Date 1879
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Physical Description

folio, [2], 70, [2], 70; [2], 62 ff. 400:265 mm. wide margins, light age staining. Good copies loose in later boards, rubbed and split.


Detail Description

Two independent works, both printed in Vilna by the Romm press. The first title is Iḳḳere Dinim by R. Daniel ben Moses David Terni, a compendium of the laws contained in the Shulḥan Aruk (Oraḥ Ḥayyim and Yoreh De'ah), arranged according to ancient and later responsa. Also known as Ikkerei ha-Dat (a reference to the initials of his name ד״ט). It is largely confined to new rulings evolved in the 18 century after the publication of the Leket ha-Kemaḥ of R. Moses Ḥagiz, and differs from the works which were its predecessors in that R. Terni also added his own views. The only parts of the work published were on Oraḥ Ḥayyim and Yoreh De'ah. Iḳḳere Dinim is also called 'Iḳḳere ha-Dat = ha-Rab Daniel Terni. Iḳḳere Dinim is R. Terni’s most important work.


The second work is Sidre Tohorah by R. Elhanon ben Samuel Zanvil Ashkenazi on the laws of Niddah in the Yoreh De'ah. There is an introduction by R. Judah Leib Ashkenazi, R. Elhanon’s son. Elhanon. These are two fine detailed halakhic works by distinguished sages.


R. Daniel ben Moses David Terni was an Italian rabbi, poet, and Biblical commentator of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; a native of Ancona. After having taught for some time at Lugo, he was called to the rabbinate of Florence. R. Terni was the author, in addition to  of the following works: "Se'uddat Miẓwah" (Venice 1791), consisting of sermons for holy days and some responsa; "Simḥat Miẓwah" (Florence, 1793), a dramatic poem in two parts composed on the occasion of the inauguration of a new synagogue at Florence, and mentioned in his "'Iḳḳere Dinim"; "Mattenat Yad" (ib. 1795), a treatise on charity in the form of sermons; "Derek Siaḥ," casuistic sermons, and "En Ḳeẓ," a bibliographical work similar to Shabbethai Bass' "Sifte Yeshenim" (both of these works are still unpublished), and "Shem 'Olam," a commentary on the Pentateuch (a manuscript of this work was in Osias Schorr's library).


R. Elhanon ben Samuel Zanvil Ashkenazi (1713-1780) was Rabbi of Schottland, near Danzig. At the age of eighteen he became rabbi of Fordon, Prussia, and in 1752 first rabbi of Schottland. He wrote various Talmudic commentaries and "ḥilluḳim," or discussions, as well as commentaries to the four "Ṭurim," but, with the following exceptions, they have not been published: In addition to Sidre Ṭohorah he was also the author of  Ḥiddud Halakot, novellæ on the Niddah; Shiyyure Ṭohorah, novellæ on the laws of ṭevilah (immersion) in the Yoreh De'ah. The Or ha-Yashar of R.Aaron Simeon b. Jacob Abraham contains two responsa of Elhanan b. Samuel.


Hebrew Description

עקרי דינים   ... והוא נקרא עקרי הד"ט

<נדפס עתה מחדש בהגהה מדויקת ובתקונים רבים ...> ... [חלק א-ב].

בשולי השער של חלק א, ברוסית: לפי הוצאת פיעטרקוב 1878. בשולי השער של חלק ב, ברוסית: לפי הוצאת סדילקאב 1835.


... סדרי טהרה - חדושי הלכות...ובאורי דינים ... על כל סימן מטור יורה דעה הלכות נדה. גם נכלל בתוכו כמה שאלות ותשובות ... ועליו ספר חדוד הלכות ושיורי טהרה... חדוד הלכות ... על מסכת נדה ... שיורי טהרה ... בהלכות חציצה וטבילה... נדפס עתה מחדש בהגהה מדויקת ובתקונים רבים ...

בלא פנים השולחן ערוך

בראש הספר הקדמת ר’ יהודה ליב, בן המחבר, שהועתקה מן ההוצאה הראשונה, וחידוש משלו ומשל אחיו ר’ יואל.

דף מד,א: איזה חדושים, מאת ר’ שמואל זאנוויל, אבי המחבר.

חידושיו של ר’ משה, בן המחבר, כלולים בתוך הספר.




Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960  # 000184294;  000134647; BE ayin1112; sameh 259; EJ; JE